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Adverse Possession / Boundary Dispute

A land survey can help determine possession in a case of a boundary dispute.
A land surveyer in conjunction with an attorney can help you decide how to proceed in a case of adverse possession.

Does this sound familiar?

You bought your home two years ago. You’re looking to build an addition, and you decide to have the property surveyed. The surveyor says your driveway is actually on your neighbor’s land!

You’ve described the typical “adverse possession” claim in Maine.

Frequently, neighbors can work out the details of these matters and agree upon a new boundary line. In some cases, however, you may end up in court to settle the boundary dispute.

It will be your burden in court to prove that the property has been used (either by you or the previous owners) for twenty years in a way that is actual, open, visible, notorious, hostile, under a claim of right, continuous and exclusive. 

These words might sound familiar, but the courts have very special ways of analyzing these cases. A lawyer from Lipman & Katz, experienced in property law, can work with you, and a land surveyor, to help you decide whether and how to proceed.

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