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Child Pornography

As our society becomes more computerized, and the internet ever larger, some of our clients have managed to find the darker recesses of the internet. Unfortunately, the State and federal justice system have seen an increasing flood of child pornography cases over the last 10 or 15 years.

Like any client faced with a crime, clients accused of child pornography deserve our best efforts to defend them in court. We never lose sight of the possibility that our client simply did not do what they are accused of. Often, roommates or neighbors can put clients in positions where their computers have been hijacked for use by people who want to possess child pornography. Frankly, many of our clients who come to us for this particular problem have, in fact, possessed child pornography.

First and foremost, we at Lipman & Katz treat every client, no matter what they are accused of, with understanding. Good people really do bad things, but it makes them no less a human being in our eyes. We are used to counseling clients who hate themselves and what they have done, who are terrified for the potential to hurt their families and their own reputations in the community. We will not only work with our computer experts but also our mental health professionals to represent you in this very sensitive area of the law.