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Criminal Defense

Criminal law book.
Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at Lipman & Katz to protect your rights.

We're prepared to represent you or your loved one

The Maine criminal defense attorneys at Lipman & Katz have represented people accused of every crime and motor vehicle offense out there; from speeding tickets to drug charges and sex crimes to murder.

We have the experience to successfully defend you or your loved one — it doesn't matter if the charge is a minor misdemeanor or a serious felony.

Limiting consequences outside the court system

Many criminal offenses have unforeseen consequences from outside the court system. From the federal law that prohibits the use of firearms for domestic violence offenders, to the suspension of a driver’s license by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles for certain traffic violations and the potential of deportation for non-U.S. citizens, Lipman & Katz attorneys are ready to represent Maine people of all ages, to protect their rights.

We can help those with a criminal offense to counter aggressive prosecution and minimize jail time for these charges: 

Helping you through every stage of your case 

Criminal procedure: An arrest or summons starts a series of complex steps in the criminal process. Each step is important, and has many opportunities to help or harm your case. Learn more about how we can guide you through the criminal procedure.

Criminal appeals: You have a right to appeal to the Maine Supreme Court if convicted of a criminal offense. The appeals process is very different than a trial court case, and best approached with the expertise of a Lipman and Katz criminal defense attorney. Learn more about criminal appeals.