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Embezzlement and fraud are simply the taking of money by deceit. Store employees, town clerks, bookkeepers, church workers, and other people who are tasked with handling large or even small amounts of money can often be tempted to take advantage of their positions. Often these individuals are held in high regard by their communities. Clients faced with accusations of fraud and embezzlement are often dealing with social ostracization as a result of the accusations. Fraud and embezzlement cases require a deep understanding of financial matters and bookkeeping practices.

At Lipman & Katz, our attorneys are skilled at understanding financial matters and working with accounting experts to ferret out defenses and alternative explanations. Often clients are faced with being accused of taking far more money than they actually took or they are the victim of a skilled embezzler using them as the “fall guy.” When an embezzlement/fraud case arises, the employer often will scour his books looking for any discrepancy, whether or not connected to the activities of the client. This is done to deflect blame from the employer, to protect others within the office, to increase insurance claims, or simply out of sheer vindictiveness. Whether the accusation is brought in state or federal court, the lawyers at Lipman & Katz stand ready to defend our clients in court.