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Murder & Manslaughter


Murder is the most serious crime contained within Maine’s criminal statutes. Persons accused of murder can face up to life in prison. Because of the amount of time clients face even in the most favorable of plea bargains, there often is simply no choice but to go to trial. These cases present very little room for compromise. At Lipman & Katz, we are prepared for the struggle. We have extensive experience trying these difficult and emotional cases throughout Maine. We pride ourselves on extensive pretrial investigation and creative approaches to often difficult defenses.


A person is guilty of manslaughter if that person recklessly or with criminal negligence causes the death of another human being. The key difference between manslaughter and murder is that a person accused of manslaughter is not charged with intending to cause the death of another human being, but simply that they acted so foolishly or recklessly that they should be held responsible. Manslaughter can include death as a result of drunken driving, operating under the influence of drugs, speeding, shaking a child (shaken baby), or any other circumstance which results in the accidental death of a human being.

Our attorneys are skilled in working with toxicologists, accident reconstructionists, pathologists, and other experts to present a vigorous defense for our clients accused of manslaughter. These are some of the most personally difficult cases, because the person accused of this serious crime did not actually intend the death. Often the person is accused of causing the death of somebody close to them. We treat our clients with compassion and a deep understanding that, while the circumstances should not result in a finding of guilt, the client often has some deep moral guilt about the circumstances in which they find themselves.