Lipman & Katz Settles 6-Year Suit for Veteran Amputee for Close to $1 Million | Lipman & Katz

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Lipman & Katz Settles 6-Year Suit for Veteran Amputee for Close to $1 Million

Attorneys David Lipman and Leah Baldacci of Augusta Law Firm Lipman & Katz, along with Attorney Lipman’s son, Dan Lipman of Parker & Lipman in Colorado, won $800,000 and $70,000 for their clients.

Lipman & Katz clients, April Wood & Mark Prescott, alleged that Veteran Affairs (“VA”) Podiatrist, Dr. Thomas Franchini, negligently treated their ankles, and that the VA deliberately withheld their knowledge of Dr. Franchini’s negligent surgeries. Ms. Wood eventually was required to have a below-the-knee amputation to treat her ceaseless pain, following her surgeries. Counsel successfully argued that the VA had engaged in “fraudulent concealment,” or the knowingly concealment of information from patients after they had received negligent care by Dr. Franchini. Soon thereafter, the Lipman & Katz cases settlement for close to $1 Million combined.


The government, unfortunately, litigated these cases over the course of 6 years. Attorney David Lipman stated, “The settlements were a victory for our clients, certainly. The VA vigorously contested the claims for 6 years, but should have instead supported the Veterans, who had been injured and said to them: ‘You were hurt, and we’re going to make this right.’ Still, Lipman & Katz is very pleased with this very successful outcome, and so are our clients.”


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