Mainers & Maine Businesses Bring Constitutional Infringement Lawsuit Against Gov. Janet Mills during Excessive Shutdown | Lipman & Katz

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Mainers & Maine Businesses Bring Constitutional Infringement Lawsuit Against Gov. Janet Mills during Excessive Shutdown

 A group of Mainers and small business owners in Maine filed suit last Friday against Maine Gov. Janet Mills in U.S. District Court in Bangor, Maine, challenging Mill’s executive orders that have taken jobs and businesses away from thousands of people.

Stephen C. Smith from Lipman & Katz will be representing the people and businessowners of Maine. 

The Plaintiffs claim that Gov. Mill’s response in Maine, with only approximately 62 coronavirus-related deaths, compared to New York who has suffered approximately 20,828 deaths, is extremely excessive and is causing Mainers and their businesses more harm than the alleged solution to this illness.

The Plaintiffs include a major construction company; a hair salon owner; vacation lodge, motel, and inn owners; restaurant owners; a wedding disc jockey; an antique business owner; a real estate business owner; a Maine tour operator; a securities consultant; and an osteopathic orthopedic surgeon.

Maine’s summer tourism industry employs thousands of Mainers and generates billions of dollars in revenue and household income for Maine.  Plaintiffs claim Emergency Injunctions, like Gov. Mill’s unprecedented, ill-conceived, and inconsistent executive order, should be strictly reviewed.

This case involves Mainers’ Constitutional Rights. Under threat of criminal penalties, small Maine business owners have been forced to close or significantly restrict their businesses, depriving them of their liberty and property interests without due process.

Plaintiffs claim that Federal and State Constitutions confine governmental action to preserve individual liberty, and that these Constitutional protections are not suspended in the face of a pandemic or other public emergency.

Attorney Stephen C. Smith, stated, “The Governor’s regulations are arbitrary and capricious, and they favor big businesses over Maine’s lifeblood: its small businesses. We have filed in U.S. District Court this afternoon, challenging Gov. Mill’s excessive response to the virus.”

If you are interested in learning more about this suit, please call Lipman & Katz at (207) 622-3711 or email Attorney Smith at