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Sex Crimes & Child Molestation Defense

If you’ve been accused of gross sexual assault, unlawful sexual contact, unlawful sexual touching, child pornography, sexual abuse of a minor, or date rape, let the professional team at Lipman & Katz in Augusta, Maine, provide you with legal services during your difficult time. Legal assistance for sex crimes and child molestation issues is available.


Sex offenses are a special class of crime, requiring delicate and professional handling by a skilled attorney and carry a heavy social stigma. We work with our clients to minimize the possibility of publicity, while at the same time preparing to mount a vigorous trial defense.

Accused of a Sex Crime?

Crimes of a sexual nature are unusually stressful. The way society looks at persons accused of such crimes often clouds the real issues, which may include hidden agendas and false accusations. A positive outcome requires a sharp eye for minutiae and a willingness to go to trial.

Lipman & Katz attorneys have significant expertise and experience in all manner of sexual assault and child molestation cases. 

Factors in Sex-related Cases

  • Ages of the parties involved
  • Mental health of the parties involved
  • Occupation and community involvement
  • Relationship of parties involved

Sex Crime Penalties

Clients need to be aware of the mandatory sex offender registration laws, and the impact they hold. Depending on the offense, a person convicted of a sex crime could be forced to register with the Sex Offender Registry for 10 years, 25 years or life. At Lipman & Katz, our focus in on minimizing the impact on your life, post-verdict. We keep your life after court in mind, avoiding prison time and other life-altering punishments.

We at Lipman & Katz treat every client as first and foremost a human being. Clients accused of child molestation may have done something unlawful, but nearly as often they themselves are the victim of a vindictive ex-spouse, difficult child, or another person trying to deflect blame for their own actions. In some cases, a child may be genuinely confused as to the identity of the perpetrator. Child molestation cases are extremely difficult and sensitive. At Lipman & Katz, our lawyers have had many years of experience trying these demanding situations. Accusations of child molestation can result in years of incarceration, a lifetime of sex offender registration, and years of difficult and expensive probation conditions. The personal implications to a conviction of child molestation can be even more devastating. Do not assume that any such accusation is “a big misunderstanding.” Every such accusation will be treated seriously by the authorities. These cases are often accompanied by Department of Health and Human Services substantiation accusations and messy family law situations involving either divorce or child custody issues. At Lipman & Katz, our expertise in these multifaceted and difficult cases is an important resource for people accused of such crimes.

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